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Hotel Sant Joan

Uncover hidden places with these experiences

Uncover hidden places with these experiences

We suggest several activities so that you can enjoy the natural landscapes and the products of our territory. If you are looking for an active and relaxing experience in this area, these tips are for you.

Hotel Sant Joan


The Baix Empordà is ideally located for hiking.

Discover our stunning surroundings, get to know the trails and paths passing through woodland and mountains. It is highly recommended to enjoy the different landscapes of the area all year long.

Here you will find different routes according to their difficulty.


Cycling can be done in any season in many places in the area. Cycle on the Green Way and paths where you can discover Palamós and Baix Empordà.

The hotel offers the following services for cyclists:

  • Space to keep (bike station) and repair bicycles.
  • Contact with spare parts companies.
  • Laundry service

Routes: Via Verda, routes according to difficulty and activity.

Hotel Sant Joan
Hotel Sant Joan

Walking among vineyards

Are you fond of wine tourism routes?

Visit DO Empordà cellars and discover the secrets of the vineyards.

More Wine Tourism Routes

Visit a vegetable garden!

Walk in a vegetable garden. In the heart of the Gavarres mountains where you can taste the products and buy them freshly collected or at 400 meters from the Hotel.

Hotel Sant Joan